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About SEIRIN-America

SEIRIN was founded in 1978 in Kyoto, Japan, with a mission to provide acupuncturists with high quality supplies for their practice. One of the first innovations to come from this new company was the world’s first disposable acupuncture needle. Prior to this, all acupuncture was performed with non-disposable needles, which raised concerns about sterility among patients and practitioners. Recognizing the need for safety in this regard, SEIRIN was the first company to provide hygienic, disposable acupuncture needles, which is today’s standard for acupuncture treatments. When the AIDS crisis hit Japan, SEIRIN was commissioned by the Japanese government to create a stable and inexpensive supply of disposable acupuncture needles. Through effective and efficient cooperation, a system of increased production was developed to ensure that the people of Japan would have the sterile supplies they need.

The American arm of SEIRIN was created in 1990 in Weymouth, MA to promote and distribute the brand throughout the United States. Founded by Thomas Riihimaki, a pioneer in the acupuncture supplies field, SEIRIN-America has helped SEIRIN become the first choice of acupuncturists in the United States. With the landmark 1996 decision by the FDA to reclassify acupuncture needles as safe and effective medical devices, acupuncture took another step towards the mainstream with SEIRIN at the forefront. More and more people were receiving acupuncture, and painless treatments with SEIRIN kept them coming back for more. People who were hesitant to try acupuncture had their concerns allayed by the high quality needles. A SEIRIN acupuncture treatment is unlike any other, which patients and practitioners alike will attest to.

Now, over 25 years after its inception, SEIRIN continues it's tradition of being an innovator, consistenly offering the safest and most advanced acupuncture needle in the world. Try one yourself, and you’ll experience the difference. SEIRIN – the first and only "Painless One".


Meet the SEIRIN-America team

Visit us an an upcoming event, we’d love to see you! Stop by our booth for free samples and to learn more about the SEIRIN family of products.